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How to find underground water leak

Homeowners are often left scratching their heads while holding their unusually high water bills. Either that or they are concerned about the water pooling up in their yards, even on a hot and bright day. However, they are unable to pinpoint the problem, no matter how hard they try. That is because the issue lies hidden below the surface, in the form of an underground water leak that is never easy to find.

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Slow Flushing Toilet

Are you having a slow flushing toilet? This can be a problem caused by several issues. Many slow flushing problems can be fixed without even calling a plumber technician e.g. by using a good toilet plunger. Another solution to fix a slow flushing toilet is vinegar. However, if the problem persists, there could be a bigger underlying problem that will require the attention of a plumbing expert.

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A guide to prevent sewer backups


Sewers are one of the most neglected issues of our home. But, it can cause a huge havoc in your life if you tend to neglect it continuously. Most of the times, due to the aging, sewers trigger backups and as a result of that, your house becomes flooded and you have to lose a lot of hard earned money due to this. Now days, sewage pollution is a very big issue to deal with. Many of us are struggling daily due to sewer related problems. Due to this, we have to face many problems like damaging of walls, floors, furniture, electrical systems and home appliances as well. To tackle all these, let us discuss about some tips to prevent sewer backups:

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