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Slow Flushing Toilet

Are you having a slow flushing toilet? This can be a problem caused by several issues. Many slow flushing problems can be fixed without even calling a plumber technician e.g. by using a good toilet plunger. Another solution to fix a slow flushing toilet is vinegar. However, if the problem persists, there could be a bigger underlying problem that will require the attention of a plumbing expert.

Many people choose to ignore to remedy a slow flushing toilet gurgling, regarding it as a small plumbing problem until the situation gets worse.

A slow flushing toilet can make living at your home, office or business very uncomfortable. A good functioning toilet is always a necessity. Because no one can really live without accessing toilet facilities.

For you to be able to fix a slow flushing toilet, it is important to first know how to troubleshoot the problem causing it. If you troubleshoot the problem correctly. Then you are towards getting the best solution options to fix the problem. Someone said you cannot give a solution to a problem until you understand how it operates. Therefore first thing first, is to keenly and thoroughly examine the toilet problem. Above all, the key thing to note is you don’t have to live with the problem, there is a solution to it.

If you are looking for solutions to a slow flushing toilet then keep reading. Because we are going to explain to you the possible causes of and how you can troubleshoot the problem and fix it successfully without much hustle.

What causes a slow flushing toilet?

There can be many reasons to the cause of your slow flow. The toilet outlet pipe in an older home our building can have years of buildups. Which only requires too much toilet paper to plug the sewage line. Someone who lived in your home before you may also have flushed something down that shouldn’t go down a toilet. On the other hand, the problem can be as simple as fixing your actual water tank.

Start at the back by checking the water tank

Slow flushing toilet can primarily be caused by two things, the bowl is not filling quickly as well as it is not draining quickly. In a scenario whereby you are dealing with the latter, there could be a possibility of clogged drains.  So if the bowl is not filling quickly or draining quickly there could be a problem with the reservoir tank. Therefore, the very first thing to do is to check whether the reservoir tank fills completely after each and every flush. Over time, minerals and other deposits could build up and causing the toilet float to turn off. Therefore, cleaning all that minerals and deposits buildups clogging the tank could be the solution for your slow flushing toilet. Also, you may have to replace some of the parts damaged by the mineral deposits and the problem is fixed just like that.

There could be a possibility of a clog

In most cases, slow flushing toilets problems are not caused by the reservoir tank but the toilet could be partially clogged. Therefore this problem can be solved at the basic level by using a toilet plunger. It is important to use a good toilet plunger one without holes and cracks to achieve the best results.  However, sometimes the problem may persist even after plunging for minutes, is such situations, you need to seek professional plumbing services. This is because there could be a bigger underlying problem such as blocked or leaking sewer lines and the like.

The bowl colon could be broken or leaky

The toilet flushing unit operates by pressure differences of the interior colon. The colon is supposed to be airtight for it to pump water to the drainage pipe. When the colon is broken, there is internal pressure imbalance thus making the flushing unit weak and the toilet will start flushing very slow. Toilet colons vary in their complexity and therefore it is always advisable to seek the assistance of a professional plumbing technician.

The problem could get worse

A slow-moving or flushing toilet requires immediate fixing to avoid more damages and expenses in the future. If the problem is not solved early enough, it may lead you to replace the whole toilet system. Therefore, seek services of a plumbing expert as soon as you notice some weird behaviors with your toilet such as slow flushing. Also, for those homes with old iron pipes require regular monitoring for they have a lot of age-related problems such as rusts. PVC pipes are the ones commonly used nowadays.


How to fix slow flushing toilet

If your toilet actually need repair because it’s cracked. We recommend you to contact a professional plumber. If you need to replace parts, look at the back of the toilet water tank or the inside to find out the model number. However, if you think the problem is clog related. Try the following things to fix your slow flushing toilet.


A good plunger will solve most clogs that are slowing down the flush. It is good for clogs that are close to toilet bowl. However, it may not help with clogs further down the sewage line.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar is a good and natural problem solver. Start of heating up two cups of water. Poor down a cup of baking soda in your bowl. Thereafter, poor down a mixture of two cups hot water and two cups of vinegar. Let it sit for around 30 min. Then flush.

Muriatic Acid

We discourage the use of muriatic acid to unclog a toilet. Especially if you’re on a septic tank. It can also cause damages to pipes and dissolve any solder.


If you find yourself stuck with a slow flushing toilet. Then contact us. We will help you in an affordable and environmental friendly way to solve your toilet problem!